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Would The Last Naturopath To Exit Please Turn Out The Lights?

It’s rare to see an alternative medicine proponent leave and join the science community but it happens. Britt Hermes, a homeopath and alternative medicine proponent, did just that. She even has a blog where she discuss the horrors of her former industry. Continue reading

Fitbit , Jawbone And Others: How Accurately Do Fitness Trackers Measure Calories Burned?

Posted on by admin

If you want to have a decent estimate of calories you just burned, you can go to any fitness website and look at a table for that kind of activity – or you can spend $70 on a Misfit Shine and get an error rate of over 30 percent. Continue reading

Tattoo ink, needle, and kit recall by the FDA: tip of the iceberg?

Posted on by admin

Tattoos are a popular trend among young people and adults alike. According to the Harris Poll, their prevalence has increased over the past decade, climbing from about 15% five years ago to 21% in 2012. When comparing Continue reading

Europe and Australia/New Zealand buy into misguided acrylamide scare

Posted on by admin

Hasn’t the European Union’s European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ever heard the (very) old adage that “the dose makes the poison”? From what they say in their latest report on acrylamide, it does not appear so. Continue reading

Composition of Dietary Guidelines committee questioned

Posted on by admin

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), a joint project of the Department for Health and Human Services and the USDA, must be re-evaluated and updated every five years. The last set of DGAs was produced in 2010, and thus the next set is due in 2015. While the DGA is simply advisory for most Americans, it sets the agenda for the military, school food programs, prisons and federal workplaces. Continue reading

E-cigarettes (but not tobacco cigarettes) found safe for coronary circulation

Smoking but not vaping (using an e-cigarette) was found to impair coronary circulation and raise carbon monoxide (CO) levels Continue reading

Dispatch: ACSH Gets To the Core Of the Issues

Posted on by admin

The U.S. Apple Association (USApple), a national trade association representing all divisions of the apple industry, is advising Alzheimer’s patients to drink one, 8-ounce glass of apple juice per day in order to improve their mood and behavior. According to a clinical trial of 21 Alzheimer patients between the ages … Continue reading

No Dietary Cure for Autism

Posted on by admin

A study to be presented tomorrow at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia shows that gluten- and casein-free diets do not ameliorate the symptoms of autism. “This probably will not convince celebrity autism-conspiracy theorists like Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Jenny McCarthy, but it does prove them wrong once again,” … Continue reading

Dispatch: Fox n’ Toxins, Smoke n’ Smokeless, FDA’s A-List, Warren’s Warning, plus CSM

Posted on by admin

With Fox and Friends, Who Needs Enemies? ACSH’s Dr. Elizabeth Whelan was horrified by Fox News’ Fox and Friends coverage of the latest Mt. Sinai study linking environmental ‘toxins’ to autism: “In all my years of observing coverage of public health issues, I’ve never seen coverage as bad as this Fox and … Continue reading

The Organic Food Nutrition Wars

A few weeks ago, the world of organic food proponents was rocked by new research that organic food was not any more nutritious than conventionally-grown food. Consumers have long been interested in knowing if the extra money they have been shelling out for organic food is justified and the subject, … Continue reading


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