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“BLOGROLL”: Interesting Offsite Links

Posted on by admin

  We don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites, but they’re generally pro-science, and we like having them around (and for more links, see: http://www.acsh.org/about/pageID.14/default.asp ): AgBioWorld: Dedicated to bringing agricultural biotech to the developing world. http://agbioworld.org/   Blogborygmi.com: Nick Genes and company. http://blogborygmi.com Cato Institute’s book Junk Science … Continue reading

We Should Expect More from the EPA

Posted on by admin

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is right about one thing: the public should hold it accountable for how its programs work.  The EPA said as much last month in a press release announcing its participation in ExpectMore.gov, which “provides the public with candid, easy to understand assessments of federal programs,” … Continue reading

ACSH in the News (from October 2008-March 2009)

Posted on by admin

•In March 2009, venues noting ACSH included TCSDaily, Marie Claire, Washington Times, Visalia Times-Delta, WKRC-TV, Bajo el Sol, Internal Medicine News, CongressNow, Wall Street Journal ( http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123724885435549329.html ), Calgary Herald ( http://www.calgaryherald.com/want+trans+fats+fascism+with+your+fries/1397676/story.html ), Bipartisan Alliance, Heartland Institute, Paradigms and Demographics, the Vicki McKenna radio show, Minnesota Daily, National Center For … Continue reading

ACSH Dispatches Round-Up: Earth Day and More

Posted on by admin

DISPATCH: Environmentalists, Budget-Planners, and Candidates Quote of the day: Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, said, “But I later learned that the environmental movement is not always guided by science.  As we celebrate Earth Day, this is a good lesson to keep in mind.” –the _Wall Street Journal_, … Continue reading


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