There is this unsubstantiated, but widely believed, notion that vitamins and supplements are a panacea. In fact, a multi-billion dollar industry serves to support and perpetuate this often faulty, overly auspicious claim.

Here, I will tackle the true level of importance of the “sunshine” Vitamin D in staving off disease, preserving healthy bones and the actual hazards of deficiency and toxicity.

Why? Because, according to Britain’s leading testing laboratory, excessive exogenous ingestion to overdose levels of Vitamin D supplements purchased online reveal some people are taking 2,250 times the recommended dosages. Such endeavors...

The arbitrary nature of many school requirements always baffles me.  Cancel soft pretzel day out of caloric concern, but permit pie bake sales.  Have your doctor independently complete a formal asthma action plan in addition to the entire health form that already covers it; but, not one for other diseases like diabetes, for instance.  

Replace vending machine soda, but sell macaroni and cheese and pizza in the cafeteria.  Offer alternatives to physical education, but be concerned about health and well-being.  Make an entire school nut-free, but don’t teach basic emergency services, first aid and CPR. 

The world isn’t nut free, so arming our communities with essential tools to save lives seems a no-brainer as a requisite component to the formal education system’s mission...