Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents-to-be. Pregnancy also means letting go of some of your favorite things. The nine month journey can be quite limiting, and the following piece is not about sunshine and roses; the next few paragraphs are all about my whining, so if you aren't in the mood, I suggest you stop reading now. This piece is all about the fun I am missing out on, while waiting on the most precious little nugget to arrive. I'm sure most expectant mothers would say they miss a  good night's sleep (meh), a rigorous workout (LOL), or caffeine at will (doesn't bother me). Not me. Nope. Here's what tops my list:

1. Alcohol

I miss alcohol.

That is the honest truth. I am not above admitting that alcohol was...

A few recent studies with weak design sought a link between pediatric obesity and method of delivery: vaginal birth versus cesarean section.

Confirmation bias typically arises from seeking information that confirms your predetermined hypothesis. To simplify: what you seek, you shall find.

So gave birth to the notion that there could be causality or at a minimum a link between Cesarean Delivery (CD) and the development of childhood obesity. The reality is rates for both have been on the rise in recent decades which is why pursuing a magic bullet relationship holds appeal. 

However, a new longitudinal study just published in the journal Pediatrics undermines this...

With new pregnancy come new health story ideas! Indulge me for a minute: we've started a new segment called The Pregnancy Diaries. Let's talk health issues, questions and expectations when expecting!

First up: Ana Dolaskie's Top Five First Trimester Woes!



Who among us hasn’t been tormented by the itch after a mosquito bite? This is due to the histamine release at the offending site. In some, it is a bit more exaggerated and an oral antihistamine or topical cream with the passage of time does the trick to provide optimal relief.

Now imagine that intensity and urge to scratch diffusely spread over your entire body in a constant and unrelenting fashion. Night and day. Where a more significant underlying cause won’t be benefitted and cured by time or a Benadryl, for instance.

That is called chronic “generalized pruritus” and its etiologies can range from the readily fixable to the necessitation of a liver transplant in those where treatment for the symptom might be refractory. In the extreme, sleep is impaired and even...

Children make you lose your mind, at least that's what a first-of-its-kind study says. But worry not, mothers-to-be, because according to researchers, that's probably good thing!

The study  — published in Nature Neuroscience — explains that while we've known the radical hormone changes and biological adaptations that come with bearing a child, psychological changes have remained unknown, perhaps until now. The prospective study, including both first-time mothers and fathers, shows that pregnancy effected changes in brain structure, specifically in loss of gray matter (GM) in regions responsible for...

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics investigates a possible association between planned birth before 39 weeks gestational age and early childhood development.  It concludes that an early, scheduled delivery is linked to poor childhood development at school age.  

A population-based record linkage cohort study of those born in South Wales, Australia between 2002-2007 was performed on 153,730 live-born infants of greater than or equal to 32 weeks gestation with assessments of development in their first year of full-time school 2009 or 2012.  The five avenues interpreted: ...


As it stands now, the burden of contraception rests heavily on a woman’s shoulders.  Male contraceptive options have been limited to the pull-out method, condoms, and the dreaded “V’ word – vasectomy.  Understandably, most men shy away from the latter because, well - it involves cutting; and the idea of sharp instruments near the reproductive organs is unfathomable. 

Researchers have been working on alternatives to male contraception for quite some time; but while there have been some positive results, no product has made it to the market. According to results of a recent study, injectable male contraception proved to be highly effective and comparable in efficacy to female contraceptives.

The study was done across 7 countries and involved 320 healthy couples with no...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report which reflects record highs in the three most commonly reported conditions in the United States in 2015 (in the following order of descending rate of increase in cases):  primary and secondary syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

It is estimated there are 20 million new STDs in the U.S. every year with 50% representing those 15-24 years of age (chlamydia and gonorrhea tend to be highest in this population).  Because not all cases are properly diagnosed or reported —in conjunction with other STDs like herpes and human papillomavirus, for example, it is assumed this is an underestimation of the actual burden.  There were previous declines, but 2015 was...

Welcome to the conclusion of our three part series discussing the science behind director Kathleen Gyllenhaal's latest documentary, IN UTERO.

"To Avoid Adult Dysfunction Start 'IN UTERO'" took a deeper look at the health ramifications of toxic stress in prenatal life and its role in contributing to adult disease.

Part I of our Q&A with Gyllenhaal emphasized health, Hollywood, how a story gets told and the parallels between funding for film...

Welcome to the continuation of our series discussing the science behind director Kathleen Gyllenhaal's latest documentary, IN UTERO.  

"To Avoid Adult Dysfunction Start 'IN UTERO'" took a deeper look at the health ramifications of toxic stress in prenatal life and its role in contributing to adult disease.  Her husband, Stephen Gyllenhaal, is a producer.  

Now, we pivot to the behind-the-scenes of how and why such a story gets told.  The interview will reveal interesting...