There are tons of mommy forums and mommy blogs that are influential and followed by a great many women. Some provide really great advice, some are humorous and some share stories of triumphs and tribulations.  I think that is great.  I, personally, belong to a group of physician moms.  What I don't think is great is when someone with zero training to do so, imparts medical advice to their readers. 

I am not entirely sure why this is so, but I have a sneaking suspicion many people feel that what they read on the internet is equivalent to "doing their research."  I cannot stand hearing this because inevitably it is followed up with a statement where you end up either offending the individual or drawing blood from having to bite your tongue.   

One of these sore points, for...

Here I am, 30 weeks into my pregnancy and feeling mighty darn good about my bump. After all, just last week a stranger — who also happens to be an OB — had validated my confidence by guessing exactly how far along I was just by looking at me.  Well, thanks lady! It made my day that she thought I looked exactly like what I needed to look like at 29 weeks along. 

And then there are the brave ones: the ones who don't think before they speak; the ones who may or may not think they're being funny; and the ones who really are oblivious as to what a woman's body goes through during pregnancy. Let's face it: so many things are shaping and re-shaping on a woman's body during pregnancy, and the last thing she needs is for someone to crack a joke about her weight and appearance....

Given the depth and breadth of penis articles recently, our editorial board thought not covering them would do the public a disservice. Since some in our office are gun shy about the topic (e.g. males), I was tasked with the assignment. 

No big deal. I got this junk. Being a medical doctor means being so used to penises and vaginas, to me they are interchangeable with any body part, from brain to anus. 

Some people will always test boundaries, that is why I wrote an entire series of articles on inanimate objects found in bodily orifices by doctors, and those covered the penis and urethra. Doctors are used to it, from general practitioners to surgeons.

So, let’s deep...

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Despite continued campaigns to raise awareness that it is responsible for roughly 1 out of 4 female deaths, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates nearly half of women do not identify it as such a risk. 

Here, I will elucidate why, along with how best to prevent it, clarify any misperceptions and demonstrate the dynamic nature of the cardiovascular system throughout a woman’s life cycle from childhood to pregnancy to menopause and beyond.

Nearly two-thirds of women who die suddenly from cardiac events had no prior symptoms....

The Glucose Screening Test is performed between weeks 26 and 28. Pregnant women are tested to see how their body is able to absorb high levels of glucose. The catch? Drinking 10 ounces of a nasty juice before the blood is drawn — find out if Ana Dolaskie passed!

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents-to-be. Pregnancy also means letting go of some of your favorite things. The nine month journey can be quite limiting, and the following piece is not about sunshine and roses; the next few paragraphs are all about my whining, so if you aren't in the mood, I suggest you stop reading now. This piece is all about the fun I am missing out on, while waiting on the most precious little nugget to arrive. I'm sure most expectant mothers would say they miss a  good night's sleep (meh), a rigorous workout (LOL), or caffeine at will (doesn't bother me). Not me. Nope. Here's what tops my list:

1. Alcohol

I miss alcohol.

That is the honest truth. I am not above admitting that alcohol was...

A few recent studies with weak design sought a link between pediatric obesity and method of delivery: vaginal birth versus cesarean section.

Confirmation bias typically arises from seeking information that confirms your predetermined hypothesis. To simplify: what you seek, you shall find.

So gave birth to the notion that there could be causality or at a minimum a link between Cesarean Delivery (CD) and the development of childhood obesity. The reality is rates for both have been on the rise in recent decades which is why pursuing a magic bullet relationship holds appeal. 

However, a new longitudinal study just published in the journal Pediatrics undermines this...

With new pregnancy come new health story ideas! Indulge me for a minute: we've started a new segment called The Pregnancy Diaries. Let's talk health issues, questions and expectations when expecting!

First up: Ana Dolaskie's Top Five First Trimester Woes!



Who among us hasn’t been tormented by the itch after a mosquito bite? This is due to the histamine release at the offending site. In some, it is a bit more exaggerated and an oral antihistamine or topical cream with the passage of time does the trick to provide optimal relief.

Now imagine that intensity and urge to scratch diffusely spread over your entire body in a constant and unrelenting fashion. Night and day. Where a more significant underlying cause won’t be benefitted and cured by time or a Benadryl, for instance.

That is called chronic “generalized pruritus” and its etiologies can range from the readily fixable to the necessitation of a liver transplant in those where treatment for the symptom might be refractory. In the extreme, sleep is impaired and even...

Children make you lose your mind, at least that's what a first-of-its-kind study says. But worry not, mothers-to-be, because according to researchers, that's probably good thing!

The study  — published in Nature Neuroscience — explains that while we've known the radical hormone changes and biological adaptations that come with bearing a child, psychological changes have remained unknown, perhaps until now. The prospective study, including both first-time mothers and fathers, shows that pregnancy effected changes in brain structure, specifically in loss of gray matter (GM) in regions responsible for...