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We all remember Rebecca Black. Oh, do we remember. She sang "Friday," that awful but irresistibly catchy tune (viewed 105 million+ times on YouTube!!), which will forever be a part of our culture. Had she sung about Pi Day, however, perhaps the song would have had a more positive reception. Today, March 14th (3/14), is Pi Day, because the mathematical number pi is rounded off to 3.14. Pi is an irrational number (meaning it cannot be adequately expressed as a fraction of two whole numbers) that is derived by dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter.  Pi: Not Just Another Number
It is impossible to estimate how much suffering that the CDC has caused with its asinine "guidance" on opioid prescribing for doctors. So, let's just listen to one voice. It says plenty. And she could be you some day. 
All arguments are fair game as for whether Dr. Ben Carson is the right (or wrong) person to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. But don't tell us a brain surgeon only possesses the skills to be a brain surgeon.
Here's the first in a new series called Annoying Studies. These typically include research that is already known, redundant and possibly pushing an agenda. We start with a work just published in the journal Pediatrics on weight changes and regaining birth weight in the newborn period. 
We let Dr. Wells loose on the mean streets of New York City to see if people can guess her profession.  Learn why here.
If you're thinking about going to Consumed the Movie, Amy Porterfield Levy will disabuse you of that notion—hilariously. 
With only my own stupidity to blame, I got into a Twitter "discussion" with an anti-DDT zealot. Big mistake. All I got was a stomach ache. Not sure what he got from it.
WebMD has limited value on a good day. These days are rare. What is not rare, however, is a preponderance of stories related to the function of one's lower digestive tract. Thus the name change—WebBM.
CVS has also clinched the "Man, do we look like idiots" pennant well before the All Star Break. In a move straight out of "Dumb and Dumber," the company was caught selling a homeopathic (read: useless) cure for constipation that was water (the usual ingredient for all things homeopathic) plus alcohol! How much? As much as a shot of bourbon. If this doesn't highlight the absurdity of this issue, then all is lost.