Health Scares Vs Health Threats

How to spot greenwashing? When supposedly tiny David vs. Goliath local environmental groups all sprang up after getting money from the same large anti-science foundations.
The US Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, has been claiming that current air quality is causing deaths, thereby justifying the very expensive Clean Power Plan and other regulations. Yet a new analysis of 1969-1974 data confirms the original finding that decreases in air pollution did not lead to reductions in deaths. The data represent an "experiment" resulting from 1970 Federal "clean air" legislation, which mandated improved air quality in 257 counties and no intervention in another 276 counties. This quasi-experiment was a distinct step up from typical association studies. The total of 533 counties were used in the re-analysis and in both cases no significant changes in mortality were found.
Vivek Murthy recently announced that e-cigarettes pose a "major public health concern," adding that "the use of nicotine-containing products by youth, including e-cigarettes, is unsafe." But that's not what the science says. It'd be far better for the Surgeon General to say that those who don't currently vape shouldn't do it, bit, but that e-cigarettes are likely to prove much safer than regular cigarettes. 
The first in a series of articles about all of the weird things that people put in places in their body, which then get stuck there. In short, decisions that make absolutely no sense.
In an effort to halt what some pediatricians are calling a rising tide in vaccine hesitancy, the American Academy of Pediatrics have released a statement urging states to crack down on parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. The recommendations go as far as stating that pediatricians reserve the right to exclude anti-vaccine families from the practice who refuse to change their minds. The news is good, and we here at the council welcome it, as a whopping 87 percent of pediatricians this year have been 'challenged' by parents who refuse to vaccinate their children, up from 75 percent in the last decade.