Steve Carney, Internet Invertebrate Who Makes Mercola Look Like Albert Schweitzer

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In the never-ending quest toward self-enlightenment, a certain amount of introspection is essential. This sometimes requires an unsparing look in the mirror, and sometimes I don't like what I see. 

For example, I must offer my sincere apologies to "Drs" Mercola, Weil, Adams and Oz." I mean, really. Was ALL of this necessary? Seriously, was it really that important to dip Dr. Oz into a volcano and a vat of mayonnaise or turn Andrew Weil into a Pez dispenser

Likewise, I have no idea of the sexual proclivities of Joe Mercola or Mike Adams. So was this really necessary as well? Maybe these guys have feelings too.

And even if what I'm experiencing is merely misplaced guilt due to my incomplete transition through Freud's oral, anal, and genital stages phases of psychosexual development, dwelling on these four could have a downside. If I start to sound like a broken record, this could become tedious to both of my readers.

So, either way, it's a damn good thing that I have new material. Meet Steve Carney, who slithered out from under a cyber rock around 2011. And he's quite a piece of work. Let's take a look. First, here is Carney's photo, directly from his site Ansel Adams has little to worry about.

Steve Carney.  Do not ask him for advice on photography. 

Or perhaps I'm being unfair. Maybe the photo is accurate and he just has a really small head.

Steve "Littlehead" Carney - Photo adapted from World Wrestling Entertainment

Seriously, is this the best photo that Steve could come up with? This strikes me as rather odd, especially since Carney would seem to be quite the Renaissance man, who offers expert advice in:

  • Business coaching
  • Holistic health and wellness
  • Career/Job issues
  • Money issues
  • Family challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Organization and time issues
  • Confused or stuck in life
  • General emotional frustration

Notably absent are:

  • Enriching uranium by centrifugation of uranium hexafluoride 
  • How to throw a knuckleball
  • Tuning a Sousaphone
  • And, especially advice about writing and editing:

"I also became a certified Busienss Coach so I can ehlp clients with money and business issues too!"

Advice of the day: Do not go to Steve Carney for ehlp with your Busienss.

But, Carney sure knows a lot more about tuning a Sousaphone than he does about nutrition, which is supposedly his strong suit. He displays his woeful ignorance in this area by taking issue with American Council advisor Dr. David Seres (1), which is not terribly different than challenging Steph Curry to a three-point shootout. 

Yet, this didn't stop Carney from revealing to the world what a fool he is, and not just about nutrition:

On vaccines: "The current anti-vitamin media darling is Dr. [Paul] Offit, and he has received lots of media coverage lately (he has an anti-vitamin book to sell after all). No surprise, he is one of the most biased, anti-vitamin, vaccine-pushing doctors around." 

On modern medicine: "By every available metric, medicine is a destructive force of horrific proportions, enabled by government agencies, the congress [sic], universities, The AMA and other medically-based organizations."

On drug companies: "As a result of their long-running fraud and corruption (lots of details below), drug companies cause human suffering and death at a staggering rate! No other industry I know of causes so much death, injury or addiction with such impunity."

On eyeglasses: That’s because glasses and contacts tend to treat the symptoms of those focus problems; they are like crutches you never get rid of. Similar to drugs and other medical treatments, they treat symptoms but rarely fix or cure the underlying problems long term.

On being a conspiracy screwball: "In truth, most drugs should not be approved or sold at all, because they cure nothing, even as they cause all those adverse reactions, systemic imbalances and health problems within the body! And yes, sacrificing your health in the name of profits is one of the biggest scandals of our time. Everyone should be outraged at medicine’s sweeping corruption and greed!"

Given that I have a finite life expectancy, let's just focus on one of the many areas in which Carney is ignorant: nutrition. Carney has a real problem with Dr. Seres: 

"Dr. Seres makes biased, overblown claims about eggs, fats and fat intake. In order to debunk his claims, I take his comments in several sections, then debunk each one in detail, including source links."

"Dr. Seres apparently forgot the long-standing medical dogma that demonized eggs for their cholesterol content. "

"I can only imagine how many times Doc Seres repeated that false dogma about dietary cholesterol “dangers” to patients, students and colleagues!"

Let's see if we can figure out who to believe. 

First, here is Carney's "education" from his LinkedIn page. It is, to be kind, unimpressive.

Carney's "training." Such as it is (LinkedIn).

Venice Nutrition is, uh, unimpressive (2)

"Created by Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald, Venice Nutrition is a nutrition and fitness program based upon the powerful science of blood sugar stabilizationForget dieting! Learn how to fuel your body and maximize your exercise, sleep and supplements for permanent results."

Mark Macdonald , Venice Nutrition

Fowler Wainright... figure it out for yourself. 

And, for Dr. Seres:

Dr. David Seres. American Council advisor and Director of medical nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center, NY Presbyterian Hospital in New York

OK, enough of this. Do you want to believe some creep who can't even write an English sentence and looks like he took a few courses that he saw on the back of a comic book or a world-renowned expert who went to Harvard and runs a department at one of the most prestigious hospitals around?

Chew on that for a while. 


(1) Not only is David the director of medical nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center, NY Presbyterian Hospital in New York, but he is also a long-time friend and perhaps the single most ethical person I have ever known.

(2) Mark Macdonald is the head of Venice Nutrition. Below is all you really need to know.  

Mark Macdonald and some guy.