Top 10 Pro-GMO (Or Anti Anti-GMO) Memes on the Internet

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Thanks to a backlash by scientists and journalists, it is no longer acceptable in polite society to be an anti-vaxxer. Yes, anti-vaxxers still exist and cause trouble, but they no longer have as many sympathetic ears as they once had.

Not so for anti-GMOers. (I've never come up with a better term. Maybe anti-GMOrons?) Even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson just gave a full-throated endorsement of biotechnology, he is the exception to the rule. Led by a nervous public, politicians -- particularly in Europe -- remain skeptical of GMOs. They shouldn't be, however. Similar to vaccines, the science overwhelmingly indicates that genetically modified crops are just as safe as "regular" ones.

So, just like we did with vaccines, we have curated the top 10 pro-GMO (or anti-anti-GMO) memes on the internet.

#1. This has to be the single greatest commentary about the state of the public debate. Many people who oppose GMOs or pesticides for health reasons have no problem lighting up a big, fat blunt. Smoking (anything) is bad for you, kids.

#2. Everything is genetically modified. Many of the fruits and vegetables we eat today would be unrecognizable without intentional genetic modification.

#3. Anyone who claims that GMOs are unsafe must contend with this inconvenient statistic courtesy of The Economist.

#4. GMOs are bad because "natural is better"... right?

#5. Unethical companies hoping to cash in on the organic trend know that consumers don't understand science. That's why you can buy water that is labeled "gluten-free" or salt that is labeled "GMO-free."

#6. There's a reason that Whole Foods is referred to as "Whole Paycheck."


#7. Something to keep in mind this Holiday Season. (Credit: Stephan Neidenbach)

#8. Indeed, this is a curious phenomenon.

#9. People support biotechnology to produce insulin for diabetics and cheese but not better crops. (Credit: Kevin Folta)

#10. Yum! Remember, this is why farmers use GMOs and pesticides. If they didn't, bugs would eat our food. (Credit: @MGigger on Twitter)

Honorable Mention: If GMOs, pesticides, and other alleged "toxins" in our food are killing us all, then why do life expectancies keep improving all over the world?

Honorable Mention: A genetically modified monstrosity! Remember, just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true.