Every Picture Tells A Story – Investing in Vaccines

As more and more of the US population is vaccinated, we are not clutching our vaccine supplies so tightly. We are beginning to send them to others in need. There is a great deal of talk about the costs, and you know, somewhere, some “bean counter” is doing a cost-benefit analysis. 

Here is a graphic of vaccine’s economic value. It has a huge multiplier for the most concrete of benefits, reducing the number of individuals that require treatment - $16 saved for each $1 spent. We can quibble about those indirect savings; they are a bit softer; after all, what is the price of suffering, especially when it is far away and not seen. 

Globally, we have a long way to go – especially if you think you might want to travel again.


Sources: The infographic on the value of vaccination comes from Information Is Beautiful, always a source of uplifting information. The current status of global vaccination for COVID-19 comes from Our World In Data