Progressive Politics is Ruining Science — With the Help of Scientists

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Large segments of the science community have endorsed outright absurdities in recent years—biological sex is a "spectrum," obesity is a social construct, men can get pregnant. The list goes on. I make the case at BigThink that science is rapidly destroying its credibility by genuflecting on progressive political activists.

Many scientists complain about widespread science denial—then declare with a straight face that men can get pregnant and sex is a spectrum. This hypocrisy should horrify everybody. As I wrote this week in a new piece for BigThink:

This trend is dangerous because it gives members of the public a perfect excuse to ignore scientific and medical information they dislike. Why take the biomedical community seriously on something important like vaccines when it can’t even describe what a man and a woman are? And a society that can no longer discern basic truths is headed for devastating consequences.

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