ACSH Appears On The Daily Show To Discuss The Dark Side Of The Obama Garden

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The satire program "The Daily Show" hosted by comedian Jon Stewart recently turned its laser beam of humor on people who were critical of First Lady Michelle Obama idealizing her gardener. Ironically, they make the case nicely while hoping to defend her.

Prior to entering The White House, the Obama's made $500,000 per year so it is easy to understand how such wealthy elites can be out of touch with what working people endure in trying to feed a family. The First Lady is doing a huge disservice by promoting the food fallacy that unless you can hire a professional gardener to grow your organic turnips, you will get fat.

"I think the Obama garden should come with a warning label," American Council on Science and Health's associate director Jeff Stier said. "It's irresponsible to tell people that you should have to eat organic and locally grown food. Not everyone can afford that. That's a serious public health concern. People are going to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. Cancer rates will go up. Obesity rates will go up. I think if we decide to eat only locally grown food, we're going to have a lot of starvation."

Absolutely correct, and we knew going on the program that it would be cleverly edited to make the science and health position look as ridiculous as possible. But if you call up The Daily Show and inquire about advertising the first factoid their salespeople will give you is how many wealthy, progressive elites watch the program, so it is no surprise that they all tittered at how "pesticide companies" were concerned. In actuality, farmers are concerned that the people making policy know so little about actual agriculture.