Coca-Cola Defends Science

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ACSH staffers are proud of the Coca-Cola Company for standing up to pressure from a minority faction of their shareholders who demanded that they disclose information about BPA in their packaging.

The soft drink giant responded, All available scientific evidence and testing shows that drinks in aluminum and steel cans are safe. BPA levels in canned beverages are extremely low, and it is physically impossible to consume enough canned beverages to ever approach the daily BPA limit established by leading health authorities, including those in the United States, Europe and Canada.

We admire Coca-Cola for standing by scientific principles and not caving into pressure from a minority group of shareholders making a fuss solely to garner publicity, says Dr. Whelan. They correctly point out that all regulatory agencies have declared BPA safe at its current levels. By the way, some people misinterpret the FDA s latest statement on BPA to suggest that it might not be safe, but the FDA made it very clear that if they thought BPA was unsafe, it wouldn t be on the market.