Dispatch: Kellogg s Rice-Krispies Health Claims Refuted

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boosts your child's immune systemOnce again, the Federal Trade Commission has reprimanded Kellogg’s, this time for advertising that their Rice Krispies possess the ability to “support your child’s immunity.” Yesterday, the cereal company agreed to follow stricter advertising provisions.

According to Kellogg’s, their cereal boosts children’s immune system by providing 25 percent of the government's recommended daily value of antioxidants and vitamins. ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross is skeptical, wondering, “What scientific evidence, if any, can back up their claim? If antioxidants and vitamins boost immunity, almost any food will 'boost immunity.' We should expect more from Kellogg’s'”

“I wonder if it is the snap, the crackle, or the pop that helps support your child’s immunity,” Stier quips.