Dispatch: Stier Featured In SavvyAuntie

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ACSH's Jeff Stier recently submitted a blog posting to SavvyAuntie dispelling phthalate fears with facts:

You may have read claims that link phthalate exposure to reproductive effects in young children, but fortunately, these claims lack any credible scientific data and have been dismissed altogether by the mainstream scientific community. Nevertheless, the media has seized on this story and turned it into a whirlwind of misinformation that continues to needlessly scare parents and relatives.
Any allegations depicting phthalates as dangerous are irresponsible. Therefore, please don’t worry about any phthalate exposure that your nieces or nephews may have had, and instead, focus on the more important safety issues, such as ensuring they wear bike helmets and use seat belts properly.

Today, a reader commended him for not being “afraid to stand up to the mommy mafia.”