Dispatch: California BPA ban in doubt

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Could those California bears have been watching our own BPA bears? The Golden State’s proposed ban on bisphenol A in children’s products is now on “life support” after falling three votes short of winning final passage in the state Senate Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The bill had already passed the Senate once, but needed to come back for concurrence on amendments and this time came up shy. Backers may try again, however.

Dr. Whelan is glad the bill appears to have failed, but accuses the Chronicle of “incredibly biased reporting. The writer argues that multiple studies have concluded BPA is harmful to health — not mentioning that the chemical has been used safely for over 50 years — and that science and medical authorities around the world have given BPA the green light for safety.”

“The basis for banning BPA is all about politics, not science,” Dr. Ross says. “The science is quite clear: BPA does not pose a health risk for humans of any age. Those pushing for a ban are exploiting public anxiety and pandering for political support by scaring parents about hypothetical risks.”