You can prevent swimmer s ear, and more

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As the swimming season approaches, it s worth taking a look at these simple steps provided by The Los Angeles Times for avoiding the unpleasant experience of swimmer s ear, a common malady that accounted for 2.4 million health care visits in 2007, according to the CDC. While the infection largely affects children between the ages of five and nine, adults are susceptible, too. Officially classified as acute otitis externa, swimmer s ear, unsurprisingly, occurs most often in swimmers, especially in warm, humid environments. In addition to using a bathing cap and ear plugs to prevent swimmer s ear, read through these tips to ensure you start the summer season right.

Look for more summer health-related tips later in the week, when ACSH publishes its 2011 Health and Safety Tips for your Summer Vacation, an analysis and advisory on taking care of yourself and your family in the warmest months.