Early insight: Preschoolers need to be screened for easily-treated vision problems

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One in sixteen U.S. preschoolers has a vision problem, according to a study published in Ophthalmology. Researchers from the University of Sydney and University of Southern California administered eye exams to 1,000 kids, two-and-a-half years to six years of age, and found that between 6 and 7 percent of the children had visual impairment in at least one eye, while 3 percent had problems in both eyes. The large majority of the complications were simple problems, such as astigmatism, far-sightedness, or “lazy eye,” which are often correctable with eyeglasses. However, these issues can become worse or irreversible if left untreated. ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross advises parents to have their young kids receive annual eye exams, as these conditions are treatable if detected early.