Campbell s soups back to being Mmm...Mmm Salty!

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We ve said it before, and we ll say it again: consumers, not the government, will ultimately dictate the recipes used by food manufacturers, and in this case, the public has spoken: Campbell Soup Co. will now be adding some salt back into its 31 Select Harvest soups in order to improve their taste and increase sales. After reducing the soup s salt levels to approximately 480 mg from 700 to 800 mg per serving, the levels will now increase back up to 650 mg.

After a bout of weak sales, Campbell s has opted to give the people what they want: more salt and better taste. For those who crave reduced sodium, or who must keep their intake low due to heart or kidney disease, the company's line of Healthy Request soups will remain low-sodium.

ACSH's Dr. Ruth Kava points out the common sense notion that, if you make a low-sodium product that doesn t taste good, people won t buy it. She adds, however, that people s taste for salt can change over time. If you stick to a low-salt diet, eventually, you ll lose your preference for salty foods, but people must be highly motivated in order to accomplish this.