A campaign against counterfeit drugs

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Counterfeit prescription medications have become a major problem and, in response, Pfizer Inc. and a pharmacy standards group have joined forces to warn consumers of the risks. Such counterfeit drugs pose a health threat to the consumers who unwittingly purchase them, as well as to the financial livelihoods of pharmacies and legitimate drug manufacturers. (It s estimated that worldwide sales of counterfeit medications reached $75 billion last year an increase of 90 percent since 2005.) Acknowledging this, Pfizer and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy will launch an educational campaign that explains the specific dangers of counterfeit drugs and instructs consumers how to find legitimate pharmacies online.

For ACSH s consideration of the counterfeit drug problem, as well as advice on how to protect yourself, take a look at our publication Counterfeit Drugs: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You.