A positive review of how to fight the assault on science in America

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Perhaps the most important point of Shawn Lawrence Otto s Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America is that the voting public can, in fact, take up arms against politicians who would sway their constituents with sheerly rhetorical claims about public policy decisions that should be based instead on the relevant science.

In Dispatch, we try to inform our readers about the relevant science which is why ACSH s Alyssa Pelish was pleased to review Otto s just-published book for Science magazine. As Pelish observes,

Otto s most urgent concern is the overwhelming absence, in both the public and its elected representatives, of the science literacy required to make informed policy decisions. This illiteracy is troubling for many reasons not the least of which are the consequences of policy based on highly subjective beliefs and assumptions rather than the relevant science.

The review offers an ultimately positive appraisal of Otto s consideration of how to more closely align major health and environmental policy decisions with the science behind them. We think you should read both the review and Otto s book.