Attack of the Killer Cosmetics?

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In an excellent refutation of junk science, the Competitive Enterprise Institute s Angela Logomasini has torn down, point by point, claims made in a recent report from the Oregon Environmental Council. The pseudoscientific report, entitled,What s in My Makeup Bag, claims that cosmetics are chock full of toxic chemicals. Taking on each claim one by one, Logomasini explains why the arguments behind it are scientifically baseless, generated by ideology and chemophobia, and designed to incite consumer fear about harmless products. In fact, she points out, some of these ingredients are necessary to prevent the growth of dangerous pathogens in the products.

As ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom notes, This piece takes aim at the usual targets parabens, benzophenone, traces of fragrance. Many of these chemicals are present in our air, food, and water without any evidence of harm. I wonder why these groups need to cry wolf day after day? You d think the public and the media would have grown weary of them by now.

Read Logomasini s arguments for sound science and against chemical alarmism here.