Dr. Ross was smokin at harm reduction conference

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Helping smokers quit has been ACSH s longstanding mission, so we were honored to have our very own Dr. Gilbert Ross organize and moderate a panel on tobacco harm reduction at the annual meeting of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on Saturday.

The keynote speakers included the following experts: ACSH advisor Dr. Brad Rodu, professor of medicine at the University of Louisville School of Medicine and the Endowed Chair in Tobacco Harm Reduction at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center; Dr. Joel Nitzkin, Chair of the Tobacco Control Task Force for the American Association of Public Health Physicians; and Scott D. Ballin, a tobacco and health policy consultant in Washington, D.C.

The speakers, focusing on how smokeless tobacco products can effectively reduce the toll of smoking, presented data supporting the need to expand public knowledge and acceptability of tobacco harm reduction something ACSH will continue to advocate.