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Phthalates, a type of chemical commonly used to make plastic products flexible (ranging from rubber duckies to medical devices), are benign substances that serve a variety of purposes. Yet despite the numerous credible scientific studies that support this chemical s safety, a number of activist groups continue to insist that phthalates are dangerous for children.

That s the thrust of a recent op-ed by Julie Gunlock, a senior fellow at the Independent Women s Forum, for FoxNews.com. There she argues that phthalates, especially when used in baby toys, are not only safe, but are also quite necessary since they allow such toys to be malleable, and thus prevent breakage and choking hazards. As we here at ACSH have been noting ever since our Blue Ribbon Report on Phthalates in 2000, Gunlock also points out that there is a paucity of conclusive evidence that actually links phthalates to any health problems in children and studies that involve injecting extremely high doses of the chemical directly into rodents stomachs don t count.

Gunlock also points out that there are no data showing that any replacement chemical that might be substituted for phthalates would be safer. Parents must understand that junk science activist agendas not phthalates are the real threat facing children, Gunlock says.

To read this op-ed in its entirety, which we highly recommend, click here.