Kristof's Couch

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Fear of chemicals in flame retardants has gone viral, it seems. We initially reported on Nicholas Kristof's New York Times column that would have readers fearful of the furniture in their homes, a scare that drew upon a series this month in The Chicago Tribune. The series, which founds its scare on an alleged deal that tobacco companies made with manufacturers of flame retardants, is drawing outrage across the Internet.

However, as Dr. Whelan asks, "Where is the evidence? To date, any solid epidemiological evidence linking birth defects or cancer to chemicals in Americans living room furniture is absent. "Why is no one speaking up against this scare?" she wonders.

We thus invite our readers to weigh in on this topic. Tell us what you think. And while you're at it, write to your local news media and health officials objecting to this ongoing scare campaign.