An ex-catcher on not catching too many rays

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And because, you know, it's getting sunny out there, we'd like to give a shout-out to former Cincinnati Reds great, Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench. It s possible that during his 17-year career with the Reds, he may not have applied sunscreen as recommended. Well, he s now very aware of the consequences.

Bench, now 64, recently received treatment for basal cell carcinoma and is now a spokesman for the Play Sun Smart program, a skin cancer awareness initiative launched by The Major League Baseball Players Association, and the American Academy of Dermatology.

As part of a Q&A with New York Times sports columnist Joe Brescia, Bench had the following sound advice, which we hope more than just Reds fans will listen to:

Remember to put on sunscreen every two hours. Start with your kids. It starts at an early age when you get sunburn. Even when you re out at the ballpark. You might have your caps on, but don t forget the sunscreen. And do a self-inspection of your skin, and if you see any questions marks like a mole that has changed colors, see a dermatologist.