The coming gonorrhea epidemic

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Josh Bloom, The New York Post September 5, 2012 , "The coming gonorrhea epidemic"

Gonorrhea is becoming untreatable. This common and potentially serious sexually transmitted disease was once easily cured. But now, of the 50 antibiotics once used to treat the infection, only one drug works and just barely.

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics isn t just a problem in hospitals anymore. Resistant bacteria are hitting the streets and we lack the tools to deal with the growing crisis.

The bacteria that cause gonorrhea have grown resistant to all other antibiotics; ceftriaxone, the sole survivor, is hanging on for dear life. To preserve its efficacy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come up with new guidelines for treating the infection.

Rather than being handed pills, patients must now get an injection of ceftriaxone accompanied by a second oral antibiotic. This will slow the progression of bacterial resistance to the drug, but it won t stop it...[Read more].