What people say about Frito Lay

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We had a little disagreement at our Dispatch meeting yesterday over whether Frito Lay is in- or out-of-bounds in its plans to sell a caffeinated version of Cracker Jacks (Cracker Jack d), and we asked you all to help settle it.

Here s what some of you had to say:

I think there are two concerns, wrote George Merkle. One is that some parents will buy this for children because of the similar-sounding name, and the second is that the caffeine content is not clearly displayed so that consumers are aware of the drug additive.

Ron Fredrickson wrote, The desire to add caffeine to such a variety of products is a current fad which has, according to recent news reports, probably caused a number of deaths. Like the low-carb fad of a few years ago, it will probably disappear but will it have harmful effects while it is in vogue?

I believe that this is the ultimate measure for a business to capitalize on people's need for stimulation in any form, remarked Barbara Herrmann. How sad that a company would take something known as a children's treat for decades and now, to make further profit, add caffeine. Shame!

But Anne Becket said, This is ridiculous! Why are you advocating for more government control over the food we produce. Parents can make their own choices. In many countries, children drink coffee and tea and have for many many years. All things in moderation. You have criticized [NYC mayor Michael] Bloomberg s dictatorial bans on certain foods.

How quickly people give up liberty in the name of the common good. I am sick of this nonsense.

Lastly, we heard from Margery Bloom, who wrote in, I agree with Dr. Bloom, and I'm his mommy.