Atrazine: Still not a carcinogen

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Experts have looked at the evidence condemning the weedkiller atrazine as a carcinogen and found it wanting.

A weight-of-evidence approach leads to the conclusion that there is no causal association between atrazine and cancer and that occasional positive results can be attributed to bias or chance, the scientists wrote in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention. Atrazine appears to be a good candidate for a category of herbicides with a probable absence of cancer risk. Atrazine should be treated for regulatory and public health purposes as an agent unlikely to pose a cancer risk to humans.

The four researchers were affiliated with the Tisch Cancer Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Harvard University and the University of London.

ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross notes the extremely careful language of the study authors. They can t belch out the words, It s not a carcinogen! But it s not. How many more times are the anti-chemical activists and their pals in the EPA going to waste time and money demanding more studies showing that this crucially important herbicide is safe as it s being used?