Culture of Alarmism letter

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ACSH is a co-signer of the Culture of Alarmism letter sponsored by the Independent Women s Forum (IWF). The IWF project is an effort intended to counter the Mind the Store campaign that seeks to pressure retailers into removing thousands of products from shelves for fear of the hazardous chemicals contained in the products. In signing this letter, ACSH is acknowledging that the Mind the Store campaign is an anti-science campaign of fear.

The campaign is specifically targeting chemicals such as bisphenol-A, formaldehyde, and certain flame retardants, all topics that ACSH has researched and published on extensively. Although supporters of the Mind the Store campaign vehemently attack these chemicals as being hazardous, they fail to say that these chemicals actually make products a lot safer, a point that is driven home in the Culture of Alarmism letter.

Ultimately, if the Mind the Store campaign is successful in its mission, consumers will pay higher prices, have fewer products available to them and in turn, receive no measurable health benefits, notes ACSH president Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, and that is why ACSH is fully behind the Culture of Alarmism Project.