ACSH's Top 10 Most Read of 2015 (Part 1)

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It's been a banner year here at The American Council on Science and Health. From covering the CRISPR revolution in biotechnology to helping thousands of people quit smoking to fighting chemophobia, we have been very busy promoting healthy living and fighting junk science.

Here's a countdown of our most read stories of the year, today we countdown from #10 to #6 and check back tomorrow for #5 to #1!

10. You May Be Surprised At The Real Cause of Bee Death


The myth of CCD persists in many circles but its just that - a myth. Our chemistry expert Dr. Josh Bloom tackles a study that shows the real cause of bee death and the real cause of bee-death hysteria.

9. Most Kids With Vaccine Injury Were Already Sick

148559465Speaking of myths the "vaccines cause everything that's bad" one just won't go away either. A study into data from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program finds that vaccines cause herd immunity and not much else.

8. Three Senators Make The Anti-Science Hall Of Fame

Calcium supplement pillsHow often do you ask "How is that legal?" We here at the Council ask this question a lot in regards to dietary supplements. Our Nicholas Staropoli has the answer: these 3 senators.

7. Gluten Sensitivity: Real Thing Or Nocebo?

Gluten-free is one of the major health buzzwords of 2015, but outside of people with a gluten allergy is there any health benefit? Can you be a little allergic to gluten? Our nutrition expert Dr. Ruth Kava has some answers.

6. Dr. Oz Audience Down 50 Percent So We re Halfway There

The_Dr._Oz_Show_logoAll of the Council's hard work in fighting Dr. Oz's snake-oil peddling finally paid off in 2015. His ratings show that Americans are tuning out his 'entertainment show' and tuning in to sound science which has our Ana-Marija Dolaskie doing the happy dance.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the countdown!