A Chat With a Science Enthusiast

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Recently, we chatted with Science Blogger Dan Broadbent, founder of the blog-site A Science Enthusiast, and his corresponding Facebook page, which has more than 147,000 followers.  Dan tells us he created the page to "increase science literacy and promote critical thinking." Hey, that's what we're all about, too! 

Dan — who has a day job and does not get a dime from anyone else to speak his mind on sound science — says the Internet can be a dangerous place when it comes to researching information on GMOs, vaccines, and other health topics. He says he's no expert but he likes to serve as someone who takes the jargon out of science and relays it in a simplified manner that people can understand. In order to find accurate, reliable information on scientific topics, Dan says one must look to the experts (he means us!) and avoid health advice from wanna-be scientists like Joe Mercola, the Food Babe, and David Wolfe, to name a few. And we couldn't agree more.

You can watch part of our chat below: