Talk to a DDT Zealot or Hang Yourself? Not So Clear

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Alka Didn't work. Photo credit: Boomtrain


I really should have known better. The Twitter discussion that follows took place over the past three days. It was prompted by my article about Miami's use of toxic organophosphate insecticides to kill mosquitoes, and how they work biochemically. DDT was used in the title ("Organophosphates: Zika Caused Florida To Embrace Insecticides Way More Toxic Than DDT.") for perspective. It had nothing to do with the article. It wasn't even mentioned. Not everyone agreed with this. Especially Ed. He is quite obstinate. I now have a stomach ache. Maybe even an ulcer. Thanks, Ed. The reason: Ed. He is supernaturally annoying. See for yourself. ed1 Ed: (Something written in another tongue)   ed2ed3ed9 Lessons learned: (1) There are times when a Twitter discussion is a terrible idea. This was one of them. (2) There are certain topics where rational discussion is impossible. DDT is one of them. Vaccines are another. The mere fact that Andrew Wakefield is still considered to be a hero by some, rather than being in prison, is all the evidence you need. If people have their minds made up about something, no matter how crazy, they will argue, but not listen. Save your time and your stomach. (3) Speaking of stomachs, we at the American Council believe in data, not fairy dust. I made the claim that Ed is annoying enough to have impacted my gastrointestinal system. Here are my data to support the claim:edlast Where the hell did my Tums go?