Has Mike Adams Completely Lost His Mind ?

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To those of us who follow (OK, mock) him, Mike (The Health Stranger) Adams is, well, let's just call him eccentric.

Nah -  that's a lie. David Bowie was eccentric. Adams has a few screws loose. OK, that's also a lie. Or at the very least, a monumental understatement. It's way more than a few:

So, why would I bother to waste my time writing about the same nut log that I have already devoted way too much my of my life to? There could be several reasons. Here they are:

  1. I have no life 

Or, just maybe Adams has finally snapped and needs a little vacation in a Rubber Ramada. Here - you decide: Here's the article.

"Holistic doctor gunned down outside organic restaurant in Colorado as war on natural health continues." (1)

The premise of these paranoid ravings is that somehow the pharmaceutical industry will kill "holistic doctors" to continue to make money (2)

"The pharmaceutical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow. Anything that stands in its way will be eliminated. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances."

Natural News, June 12, 2017.

Damn. Apparently not content to make a fool out himself by claiming that vaccines were as bad as Syrian chemical weapons, Adams bought himself a one-way ticket on the Crazyville Express this time. Here are some of the other claims from a piece that will undoubtedly be a candidate for the "Paranoia Pulitzer" this year. No charge for the comments.

"Christopher Bayley King, 49, is the latest holistic doctor to be murdered in cold blood. He was eating at the Farm to Table Restaurant, Bramble & Hare, when he was approached by a man named Louis Joseph Sebastian, 32, and shot dead on Memorial Day."

Comment: Rather poor sentence syntax if you ask me. Was King approached by Sebastian, the two of them sat down to do a doobie, and then King left to go to a Springsteen concert, only to be shot to death two months later on Memorial Day by someone else? Or did these events happen at the same time? 

"According to the police, more shots were fired when they went back into the restaurant."

Wait a minute... am I supposed to believe that King got shot dead in the restaurant, then went outside (possibly for the doobie), and then walked back into the restaurant with his killer only to be shot dead again? 

"Though the investigators have not said what the killer’s motive was, it is more than obvious in which direction we should look."

Comment: They should look in the direction of the nearest medicine cabinet containing Thorazine.

"After the horrific event, Dr. King was rushed to Boulder Community Health’s Foothills Hospital. Unfortunately, help came too late and he died from his injuries, the Daily Camera."

OK. Now I'm *really* confused. King, who had already been shot dead twice, somehow hung in there long enough to make it to the hospital, where he died a third time? Awesome! Someone should really make a movie out of this.

Well, I'll be damned. They already did. Although based on the ratings, be grateful that you missed it.


Image: IMDb Below 6.0 and be prepared for two hours of misery.

"According to a quote published in a New Zealand newspaper, both men were invited to a party by different guests. However, Leah Akin said she accidentally invited King, thinking she was inviting a friend with the same name. Nonetheless, he was a welcomed guest since they had previously 'hooked up,' the woman explained."

Comment: Good luck figuring this out. Leah Akin accidentally invited King thinking he was a different King, but it didn't matter since she had sex with him? Which King did she have sex with? Or was it both of them? At the same time? So many questions.

"Around midnight, guests started to head downtown for food and drinks. At Bramble & Hare, King and Sebastian got into an argument allegedly about politics, according to the official reports. When Sebastian suggested taking it outside, witnesses heard gunfire and King stumbled into the restaurant where he was shot in cold blood."

Comment: NO! Now I'm supposed to believe that King and Sebastian *didn't* do the doobie, but instead had an argument, at which point 1) Sebastian shot King in the restaurant, 2) they both went outside, and 3) King returned to the restaurant to die for the second of three times from a shot that was fired at something or other outside the restaurant? 

"Was this an unfortunate chain of events with a deadly consequence or did Sebastian plan the argument and murder ahead of time to shut up Dr. King?"

Comment: Sounds like a damn fine plan.

  1. Premeditate an argument.
  2. Shoot the person you argued with.
  3. Go outside and smoke a joint.
  4. Wait til the guy who you already shot finishes the joint and returns to the restaurant, already dead.
  5. Fire a shot outside the restaurant in some random direction, just in case the dead guy who smoked the joint and then walked back into the restaurant wasn't dead enough.
  6. Blame Pfizer.

And here's the end of the piece. Some damn fine prose if you ask me.

"It is time our country deals with these killing. We should not run away from it. There is too much at stake."


(1) The article seems to be written for Adams' site by Amy Goodrich. It would seem that she could use a check up from the neck up as well.

(2) Aside from this crazy accusation, there IS NOT ONE WORD about the industry. Forget evidence. The industry isn't even mentioned.