USA Today, We Were Invited to the White House, and More Media Links

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1. In USA Today, Dr. Alex Berezow had some context for the CNN organization about socialism, which has grown increasingly shrill and bizarre as its market share and credibility have declined. 

2. CNET covered our work on how disgusting your mattress can be. We wouldn't sweat it (pardon the joke) but when you have two microbiologists on staff that is the kind of discussion that happens

But that wasn't all. In another article they discussed our work on the science of laundry. That's right, we are out there covering it all for you.

3. Dr. Jamie Wells was invited to the White House to spend an afternoon with Admiral Ronny Jackson, M.D., the personal physician to Presidents Obama and Trump and long-time White House physician prior to that.

4. Health News Digest covered Dr. Chuck Dinerstein discussing the supposed dream team collaboration of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, And JP Morgan Chase joining forces to "disrupt" Healthcare. It all sounded great, except what Dr. Dinerstein noted is that their press release is “missing actual healthcare.”

5. Daily Meal covered our work debunking claims that asparagus causes worse health outcomes. It may be many things, but it is not a carcinogen or anything else that mainstream media fell all over themselves trying to show.

6. Daily Coffee News knows the nose knows. At least when it comes to coffee. And our science.

7. World Net Daily covered our work on ways that health organizations in Europe and Asia are getting it right while the FDA still needs to shake off some legacy politicization of science issues and get with the program.