We Spoke At The World Bank, Were In Washington Examiner, Big Think, And More Outreach

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1. Big Think interviewed Dr. Alex Berezow for their article Are there limits to the truths science can discover? The discussion ranged from defining evidence-based public policy to setting limits on what science should determine. 

2. In Washington Examiner, Dr. Josh Bloom and Henry Miller, MD, discussed Senator Dianne Feinstein's unscientific chemical scare bill.

3. I moderated a panel called  "The Challenge Between Critical Thinking and Emotional Decision Making “ at the World Bank. It was on agricultural issues with Professors Brandon McFadden, Stuart Smyth, Shelley McGuire, Mark McGuire, and Dr. Val Giddings. 

4. I'm on the advisory board for Atlantic Legal Foundation and at our dinner event I got to be the introductory speaker for Dr. Geoffrey Kabat, author of "Getting Risk Right." 

5. Free Beacon linked to our work on IARC. The US Congress has given the cancer statisticians some new scrutiny because of their penchant for scaremongering. 

6. Becker's Hospital Review linked to our work on physician burnout.

7. Sputnik took a break from linking to useful idiots in the environmental movement to criticize the Reagan administration about AIDS in 1982 under the guise of caring about public health, and they even linked to our work, maybe to show they are not just propping up activists.