Intrepid Journalist Stands Up Against Facts

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According to self-described citizen journalist Ethan Huff, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine has decided amongst themselves that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be avoided by the public and banned until their safety can be confirmed by long-term studies. The article accuses the FDA of complicity in a diabolical plot with big corporations to keep people ignorant about their food, cites some spurious examples of dangerous GMOs, and advises everyone to opt instead for foods that are labeled organic.

ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross weighs in: The only interesting thing about this piece, which was complete garbage, is that it claims that children are the most likely people to experience the adverse effects of GMOs, so therefore children become the experimental animals to test these things. It ignores any facts whatsoever and jumps right into trying to scare people.

These so-called activist groups just form their own societies and journals in order to get around the Daubert standard, says ACSH's Dr. Elizabethy Whelan, referring to a legal precedent regarding the admissibility of expert witnesses testimony in court. This is completely irresponsible reporting.