Is Wii Fit Fit For AHA s Healthy Check?

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An ABC News report asks if the American Heart Association should be endorsing the Nintendo Wii video game system with its Healthy Check logo. Games like Wii Fit are supposedly designed to help video game enthusiasts stay active.

I bought a Wii system for my parents for their anniversary to help them get more exercise, says ACSH's Jeff Stier. My mother emails me two or three times a day to tell me how much she uses it. She even beats me in the boxing game. Of course, this just applies to games like Wii Fit, specifically designed to get users more active and improve balance, as opposed to, say, the Mario Kart driving game. And like any technology, it can be used and abused.

We certainly don t want these games to replace outdoor activities, but if there is bad weather or people have certain injuries, this would allow them to exercise in a controlled, safe environment, Stier adds. And especially for older users, there are games that can help strengthen their ankles and improve balance, which could help prevent a lot of accidents that are very dangerous for senior citizens.