The New Yorker Cites ACSH For Pro-Science Argument In BPA Controversy

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Whelan argues that the public should focus on proven health issues, such as the dangers of cigarettes and obesity and the need for bicycle helmets and other protective equipment. As for chemicals in plastics, Whelan says, What the country needs is a national psychiatrist.

To illustrate what Whelan says is a misguided focus on manufactured chemicals, her organization has constructed a dinner menu filled with natural foods, and you can find a carcinogen or an endocrine-disrupting chemical in every course for instance, tofu and soy products are filled with plant-based estrogens that could affect hormonal balance. Just because you find something in the urine doesn t mean that it s a hazard, Whelan says. Our understanding of risks and benefits is distorted. BPA helps protect food products from spoiling and causing botulism. Flame retardants save lives, so we don t burn up on our couch.

The Plastic Panic: How worried should we be about everyday chemicals? By Jerome Groopman, The New Yorker