NYC Proposes Trans Fat Ban

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A January 2007 article by Heartland Institute's Aricka T. Flowers quotes ACSH on trans fat:

"There is no relation between trans fat and obesity," said Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, a Manhattan-based consumer-education nonprofit focused on health and lifestyle issues.

"That idea has been a major catalyst to this movement. But trans fats have nine calories per gram, just like any other fat, regardless if they are saturated or not," Whelan said. "That means there is no caloric difference between oils containing trans fats and those that don't. Caloric intake is what's most important when it comes to losing weight and reducing the risk of heart disease."

Whelan says education is the key to beating the country's obesity epidemic. She believes simply posting warning signs on food and ridding restaurants of TFAs will make little difference if people don't know the importance of counting calories, exercising, and not smoking...

Whelan said the main point is that government interference in restaurant food preparation is an increasing problem.

"There's a growing trend of government getting involved in controlling chronic disease," Whelan explained. "Government was integral in diminishing communicable disease. Now they are saying, 'That's done, so let's do the same with chronic disease.'

"The problem is these are diseases that involve personal choice," Whelan continued. "That's different than putting chlorine in the water."