Dr. Whelan Talks DDT On Radio Show

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Following the publication of her piece in National Review Online yesterday on the rise in malaria deaths caused by a ban on DDT, Seattle radio host David Bowes invited ACSH's Dr. Elizabeth Whelan to speak further on the topic last night on his show. During the interview, Bowes played a song written and performed by Malvina Reynolds titled “DDT on My Brain,” which was released in 1969. Here is just a sampling of the lyrics:

Can’t think like I used to do, Still I know it’s not good for you,
DDT on my brain, on my brain.
They spray the wheat the chickens eat,
It’s in my eggs, it’s in my meat,
DDT on my brain, on my brain.

“I was blown away by these scary lyrics, which show how strong the antipathy was toward DDT during that time,” Dr. Whelan says. “I was amazed the radio show was able to find this singer and believe this is a good example of how there was fervor to ban DDT based on pure emotion, not facts.”