Are Menthol Cigarettes Riskier Than Non-Menthol?

In March 23 article for WebMD, Denise Mann quotes ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross in his response to the proposed ban on menthol cigarettes:

Menthol smokers have no increased risk of lung cancer or any other cigarette-related disease as compared to non-menthol smokers. It is well-known that menthol smokers smoke fewer cigarettes per day than regular cigarette smokers [and this is] but one reason why it is highly unlikely that banning menthol cigarettes will lead to a decrease in cigarette smokers.

In fact, I believe such a ban may actually increase the number of cigarettes smoked because few menthol smokers will actually quit, [instead] fleeing to illicit menthols and/or regulars. More minors will find illicit cigarettes that are easily available from sellers who neither check ID's nor pay taxes.

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