Harm Reduction

Cyber-attacks on drinking water systems are occurring more frequently and represent a significant threat to the U.S.
Restaurants often have varying noise levels; typical noise levels range from 65 to 85 dB(A), making it hard for patrons to hear and understand.
Taxes alter consumer behavior. The more something is taxed, the less of it we get. Knowing this, governments use taxes to encourage or discourage behavior.
According to the state of Michigan, perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) can occur in high levels in the foam from waterbodies and pile up along its shores.
Tiny plastic particles, categorized by their size as microplastics, <5mm or nanoplastics, 1-100nm are everywhere.
“The implementation of EHR technology may be the root cause of some of these issues, [increased work burden, negative clinician emotions, burnout, and facilitated medical errors] beginning with developers designing a prod
Spain’s northern coast has been fighting a months-long assault from a ‘white tide’ of plastic pellets dumped by a Dutch-registered shipping-vessel.
Polypharmacy's grip tightens as we age
Recently, I spoke with John Batchelor on his radio program about a novel solution to combat climate change developed with my MIT classmate, Tom Hafer, an engineer and skilled systems developer.