Trevor Butterworth speaks truth to Times columnist

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It s always refreshing to see a journalist stand up for sound science, especially since it so rarely happens. That s why we d like to make note of Trevor Butterworth s latest op-ed in Forbes. In it, Butterworth intelligently critiques New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff s hollow, politically driven campaign against chemicals.

Kristoff s latest column pits Big Chem against environmental activists, who are chirping yet again about the dangers of Bisphenol A (BPA). Yet Butterworth astutely points out how Kristoff reports only on studies from the very small environmental activist groups that always seem to find data against the use of BPA, no matter how flawed the source. He seems unaware of the many non-industry funded studies or regulatory agency assessments that contradict them, writes Butterworth.

I was quite impressed with Butterworth s analysis, says Dr. Ross, since those who adhere to the real scientific method are quick to observe that there is no evidence to indicate that exposure to BPA in consumer products poses any risk to human health. It s great to see a journalist stand up for sound science.

You can read Butterworth s article in its entirety, here.