Vegans posing as health experts take aim at Obama

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We d call the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine wolves in sheep s clothing, but we re certain they would take offense. They are a vegan group posing as health experts, but that didn t stop gullible journalists from carrying their water. And it seems the President is their new target?

Well, as if he doesn t have enough to worry about, President Obama is being nagged by PCRM, which is asking him to stop eating junk food in public cheesesteaks in Philly on Monday, barbecue in Dallas on Tuesday, cheese pizza in Madison, Wis., on Thursday. PCRM accused the president of glamorizing junk food when the nation faces an obesity crisis.

The Hill s coverage of PCRM s oddball request just calls the organization a Washington, D.C.-based health group when in fact the group is made up of hardcore vegan activists.

Admirers of irony should take note, says ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom. Anyone with the power to launch nuclear missiles at any country in the world should really not need to seek permission to eat a cheeseburger from a fringe group with digestive problems.