I'm [Not] Lovin' [PCRM's "fast food commercial"]

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ACSH s Jeff Stier came across this video, which appeared on last night s Daily Show with John Stewart. The ad featured a Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) fast food commercial aimed at converting consumers to vegetarianism.

The provocative video, which has received over a half million YouTube views, depicts a relatively young obese man in an ER who has died while eating a McDonald s burger. PCRM s parting words to viewers are: High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian.

These people will stop at nothing to try to convert everyone to a vegan diet, says ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross. I recall the nasty Got Prostate Cancer campaign which tried to link Mayor Giuliani s cancer to dairy intake entirely unsupported by any evidence, of course. PCRM should develop some sense of shame, at last.