California judge rules on the side of sound science no warning labels required

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In the culmination of a five-week trial, California s Judge Brick ruled that health warnings would not be necessary on various fruit and vegetable products, 100% juices and baby foods, from companies including Del Monte, Dole, Gerber, Hain-Ãelestial, J.M. Smucker, Seneca Foods and Welch s. The demand for such labeling was sparked by an environmental advocacy group, the Environmental Law Foundation, which claimed that these products contained trace levels of lead, and therefore, under Proposition 65, required a warning label. However, the amount of lead found in these products was less than that which would require a Prop 65 label (.5 micrograms per day).

The judge s final ruling was this: The companies have shown that each of their products is below the regulatory safe harbor exposure level, and for that reason, no warnings are required.

Now that s a decision ACSH can support.