More resistance to e-cigarettes

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ucm361862In an article focusing on an ACSH Dispatch item from last week, Reason Magazine s and The Daily Beast s Nick Gillespie wrote an op-ed attacking the nonsensical and destructive antagonism among big health nonprofits and government agencies towards e-cigarettes. His essay, titled Ban E-Cigarettes? The Anti-Smoking Lobby's Clueless Crusade, hit the nail on the head by skewering the mindless or corrupt people and organizations standing in the way of this beneficial technology. Also, ACSH s Dr. Ross was quoted extensively in a recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal speculating on the likely impact of an FDA ban on internet sale of e-cigarettes (a ban on e-e-cig-sales?).

ACSH is about to contribute commentary to a UK documentarian on this subject. We are also in the process of accumulating information for a documentary of our own on this same subject: e-cigarettes.