smoking cessation

“We have very clear evidence that, though not risk free, nicotine e-cigarettes are substantially less harmful than smoking.”  
The review involved 319 randomized controlled studies involving adults smoking tobacco at the time of entry, using one of the “approved pharmacotherapies and tec
The District of Columbia Department of Health recently posted a message on “X” to get residents to abandon nicotine e‑cigarettes. The message stated:
I have written previously about menthol, which is not only a flavoring.
E-cigarettes remain controversial, but as a physician, I see them as a bridge from inhaling burning tobacco to being rid of the habit altogether.
Not that long ago, if a company had invented a far safer way to deliver nicotine to addicted smokers, politicians would be celebrating. Smoking is one of the leading preventable causes of disease and death in the world.
There is zero doubt that the harms associated with smoking are considerable.  Thanks to public health efforts, smoking cigarettes is recognized as one of the biggest contributors to death and disability globally.  Thi
Smoking is bad.  Bad for mom.  Bad for unborn and born baby.  Now, yet another study reveals its adverse effect on the developing child.   This time the focus is the kidney and the resultant damage.  
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