West coast GMO labeling follies redux: Now it s Washington s turn

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Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.45.33 PMAs was the case in California nearly one year ago, the GMO-labeling controversy is now rearing its head in Washington State. Known as Initiative 522, the proposed law would require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

And, as was also the case to the south of Washington one year ago, the initial trend of folks buying into the phony consumers right to know issue has gradually been eroded by a well-orchestrated educational campaign, informing Washingtonians of the adverse impacts of such labeling in concert with the complete lack of any health or dietary concerns related to the presence of GMO products.

ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava had this to say: While the idea of people having the right to know what s in their food has simplicity on its side, it really makes zero sense: we do not know everything that s in our food, do we? The genetically-improved foods that have been grown worldwide since 1996 have never been found to be a threat to health; on the contrary, the technology is fine-tuned, as compared with the old methods of genetic selection, which is hit-or-miss. And, at the end of the day, anyone who really wants to know whether a product is GMO-free can easily find out by readily-available labels, among other methods.