The Socks That Detox

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Move over cleansing juices; there’s a new way to detox, and it doesn’t require a liquid diet. Yep — you heard that right. A company in Sweden has developed a revolutionary way to cleanse your body from toxins with a simple wardrobe makeover: The Detox Socks.

The Detox Socks — which can be used multiple times, are significantly different from the rather involved smoothies and cleansing juices on the market; there is virtually no effort involved. Well, other than remembering to put them on, of course.

The pair is made with remnants of epsom salt which augments detoxification by causing you to sweat. The socks will soak up the sweat which houses the many toxins that may build up throughout the day. Bonus: the more you sweat, the more weight you shed, so it’s not a stretch to say that the socks have a dual purpose — not counting their original purpose of covering your feet.

The novelty comes after years of scientific evidence that points to a balanced diet and exercise as keys to a healthy lifestyle. But the company’s founder, Dr. Deesa Joke, says the socks are a game-changer in the way we look at health.

“Skip the smoothies, skip the veggies, and skip your morning workout. These socks literally have the potential to change your life by minimizing your workload and still getting the maximum results.”

The socks — starting at $49.99 on the company’s website, are already on backorder since their release today, April 1, 2016.