What Would A Trump Presidency Mean For Science?

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When we think of strategic resources, we naturally think of food and energy. But in the 21st century, knowledge is also vital -- and when it comes to science, no matter what doomsday prophets lamenting funding want to claim, America leads the world.

And since Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are likely to represent Republicans and Democrats in the national election this fall, it is time to start think about what that will mean for science and health policy.

For example, Mr. Trump lists President Reagan as an ideological role model, and that bodes well for science. Either Reagan or Jefferson would have to be regarded among the most pro-science American presidents ever. Basic research is one of the very few things that Pres. Reagan thought the federal government should fund. But Mr. Trump also thinks limiting immigration and engaging in protectionism would boost our competitiveness.

In USA Today, Senior Fellow in Biomedical Science Dr. Alex Berezow and I argue just the opposite on protectionism, and discuss in detail what a Trump presidency could entail.